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What's DOS?
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Razr HD tether issues

Hi I own the Razr HD and have had issues with tethering or creating a hotspot, after many hours of searching, I was able to tether with USB but could not do a wireless hotspot, I could create a HOTspot and connect but no internet connection,

after many more hours, I played around with the APN settings, the phone will not allow you to change the default settings so I created a new APN, I called it Rogers LTE tether, now go to your default APN and copy all settings from your provider and add it to your new APN you created, now for the most important part, go to APN type and add     dun     at the end don't forget the comma between, this fixed the tether issue

What's DOS?
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Re: Razr HD tether issues

I dont know if we have the same issue or not but sometimes I have to hit the hotspot button 5 or 6 times before it actually works

Something to try