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2018 Razr - one more idea, use KaiOS

Here's an idea - many support the idea of a "regular" Razr with metallic case, keyboard, inside and outside displays, without the foldable touchscreen (scroll through the forum to see,  but also judge by the response to the video some time ago showing people using the Razr V3).    Now there's an additional option:  using the KaiOS which is a Linux / FirefoxOS fork that is providing some smart features to "feature phones"  - ref. the AT&T Cingular Flip 2 manufacured by Alcatel for one.  Motorola could completely dominate that market with internals similar to that phone but a Razr case.  No other clamshell is exactly like the Razr and many, many people remember their Razrs with fondness. KaiOS lets you add some smart features without a high-end processor, making the sales price lower, therefore increasing sales dramatically.

For extra credit: Make it easy to switch my SIM and/or SD between my G5 and my Razr so I can carry whichever suits me at the time, though I'm betting the Razr will be in my pocket a lot more.

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