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Foldfable Razr

I see Samsung's rethinking their foldable device.   I think Motorola should, too - don't give us a foldable Razr.  Give us the original design, with new features such as 4G/5G,  voice-to-text, KaiOS, better screens and more resolution.  If you absolutely must, make it two internal screens but I'd rather have one screen and the keypad myself.

A 'next generation' Razr should be quick-to-market since you should already own a lot of what is needed to make  Razr, we just need to keep up with the times on some things.. 

And trust me - there's a market for them.  Not only for 'old fogies' but for people who need an easily pocketable phone (perhaps swapping their SIM from their large smartphone when going out in stylish clothes) and a durable, aluminum-case phone  (for those who work in places hazardous to other phones).  You saw the excitement a few years ago when people thought you were bringing the Razr back - this time make it a reality.

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