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What's DOS?
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How can I stop the multiple e-mails being sent

For some reason, when I set up an EMA with "internet email" - which is a pop ema - the emails I send never go into the "sent" folder, but stay in the "outbox" folder forever and re-send and re-send over and over....anywhere from 4 to 12 times!!!  However, any gmail-related EMA works perfectly!!  They are but for a few seconds in the outbox folder and move straight into the sent folder.

Why is this???  And how can I avoid my emails to be sent 10 times??!!!

Please help, because my brother was really wanting an iPhone and I talked him into geting this phone, because we talk so much and we needed the PTT option.  But this is sooo frustrating!!!  It never happened with our BlackBerry's!!  Don't make me regret talking him into going with your phone!!

Thank you!!