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What's DOS?
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Titanium has a cracked screen


     I just upgraded from an i870, which was a very rugged phone, to a Titanium.  As you would have it I dropped the phone on the ground and screen cracked.  The phone still works but I want to get the phone fixed.  I called several repair places and they said that they cannot get the screen.  I called the Motorola Repair center and they said that it would cost 110.00 dollars plus parts and labor and that it would take 5-7 bussiness days to repair, which was way higher and a lot longer than the phone repair shops would charge if they could get the part.

     My questions are  1) How long will it be until they release the glass so that it can be replaced?

                                2) What protective cover is the best to prevent this in the future? 


What's DOS?
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Re: Titanium has a cracked screen

Hey that sucks. How did you get it fixed? Any touchscreen will break due to it being glass. My one son broke his iDouche twice, the other once.  As soon as I got my phone, I bought the sprint belt clip which comes with a decent snap over hard cover for the corners.  The clip itself sucks as you can't get the phone out of it while wearing it.  I put some ezpass velcro on the back of the cover and use it in my car. I snapped off the belt clip from the holster and mounted it on a ball mount and a block of wood which tucks nicely into a cavity on my dash. I put a mating piece on the inside of the holster and shaved off the sides and top with a dremel. Works great for gps and music selection while driving. My travel mount for other cars is a suction mount and my old 8350i blackberry holster with only the top clipped off and velcro.  That one works even better.

If you think you may drop it again, get a wrist strap and put it thru the holes on the corner of the case like a camera.

What's DOS?
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Re: Titanium has a cracked screen

Hey, i can repair titanium i1x for you and replace the broken screen. Send me an email if you still need it done so i can get you pricing for it. pwrdbykyank AT  (