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What's DOS?
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Titanium not syncing calendar requests from non-gmail email

Hi All, I just got this Titanium to replace my blackberry. My office usually sends me appointment requests from outlook through my work email. It's not exchange email, just generic email. They used to automatically appear on my BB calendar. I receive the emails on the T but they're blank except for the prompt to open/save the attachment. If I open the attachment, the calendar event is in 'raw' format. If I save it, it stores it as 'unkown attachment' on the sd card. It doesn't get added to my calendar. I've got outlook 2007 on my pc and tried it from my personal account (not gmail), same results. I set up forwarding all email from my work's website to my gmail account. When it gets to gmail, I have to click on the email then choose 'add to calendar' or it does nothing. I need it to be automatic. My calendar type is google. I have sync options set to auto and I've cleared the data from the calendar as posted by someone else who had a problem with calendar syncing) Creating an appointment on the gmail website works fine, it appears on my phone quickly. This seems kind of convoluted. If my fellow employees switch to Android this will be a PITA. Is there an automatic way of doing this?

What's DOS?
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Re: Titanium not syncing calendar requests from non-gmail email

I don't get it. Is this the manuafacturer's website? Shouldn't someone from Motorola answer the questions here?

What's the point of this forum if you don't?  There's plenty of Android forums as well as the cell phone service providers' forums to have informal discussions.