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Annoying Volume Problem Too Soft - Triumph

Hello Motorola Triumph Users!!

Ok so I came to this post when I originally purchased my phone and have been using the technique introduced by mikeneo987 on phandroid. I am now copying this fix to all links I’ve seen online.

I often go to my headset so I can jam some music to block out the world and I get the music at about half the volume. And believe me if you are on the bus and some juice head starts yapping about his problems you NEED your music fast before his negative energy completely yanks you down to his level, You need a fix!

So you can unplug your headphones and wait and try again but this doesn't work 100% of the time. Plus as I mentioned, you may only have seconds to get your music playing in time to block out yapping blowhards.

My diagnosis: Any notification, email, text message, phone call etc.. changes the volume setting to some kind of soft, lower, not able to block the world out level.

Solution: I open the little default music widget and hit play. As the music is playing I make a phone call. I use the local movie theater which has an automated answering machine so I'm not bothering anyone. The music will shut off when the call starts. I simply call the number and then hang up. I listen for the low tone beep and the music will resume at the normal level.

I also went into the quick start app menu on the front page. Which is that four by four box button on the bottom left of the phone. Then I clicked the add button to add a shortcut to the home screen. I click the shortcuts and then add a contact to my desktop or wallpaper or whatever they call it.

Then this is the scenario. Rude person starts yapping in front of me. I whip out the headphones. Click play for my favorite jam. Not enough volume no problem. Hit the movie theater contact on the wallpaper. Click call. Music stops. Click end. Volume of music is normal. Crisis is over. Yapper blocked out. I remain in my happy little vortex.

Thank you world I just solved the problem.

Ok to Motorola. I'm a little disappointed that you made me figure out this work around. But hopefully you are busy developing the next personal high tech gizmo that will give us all joy in the future. So I'll let you off the hook.

I'm just so happy I've found a solution because this volume thing was really not pleasant to deal with.

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Thanks that would be nice. Ok thanks hope this helps. It’s been working for me.