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What's DOS?
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Have to back out of app., can't use home button

Three weeks ago Candy Crush stopped working on my phone, not sure why.  I started cleaning up my apps, clearing cache, etc.  Now when I have an app open I have to use the back key to get out.  The home key will not work.  Any ideas on how to get my home key back?

Moto Sr Moderator
Moto Sr Moderator
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Re: Have to back out of app., can't use home button


I do not have the Triumph, but does is have a physical home button?

If yes, does anything happen when you press the home button? During any operation on the phone? Like if you are on a different home screen and press the home button, does it go back to your home screen?

The only couple things that I can suggest would be that if it is a physical button, maybe it is broken hardware.

The true way to find this out would be to do a full factory reset. If your home button does not work after that, then I would lean more towards the button being broken, hardware wise.