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What's DOS?
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MOTOROLA TRIUMPH: Restore 3G App Connect

While messing with my email settings one evening (totally sober btw) with my Virgin Mobile Triumph, I selected an option that disabled my ability to connect email (or any other application) via anyting but wi-fi. Of course i didn't remember where in the settings I did this and a week and a half of looking for it left me nowhere as did searching on google for a solution. After downloading several network repair apps (also useless) I did find a way to repair it. Seemed a bit silly and desperate but i used the Activate application, let it go it's routine and received the error message after 5 minutes of waiting that the number was unavailable and to please contact Virgin Mobile support. The screen didn't go away and locked up the phone so I shut it off and turned it back on. Success! The 3G and Wi-fi connections were functioning and have worked ever since. If you're looking for a solution and don't want to call customer service try this solution. I've never had a bad experience when calling Virgin Mobile but didn't want to explain to them that I mucked up my own phone. That was my next step how ever.

What's DOS?
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Re: MOTOROLA TRIUMPH: Restore 3G App Connect

do not ask moto for help, it will fall on deaf ears!