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What's DOS?
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SD cards stopped working (-_-)'

My triumph cant see any any sd cards.  It happened after I used an sd card formatted for my raspberry pi, it was 16 gigs and had some music and videos on it, I thought it was odd that it could not see the card at all no bad format message or anything.  So I put the original card back in but it wont read either!  I have tried several cards and none of them are working, I have verified that the cards are good because they work when plugged into my computer.  

In what I believe to be a completely unrelated issue my phone frequently reboots, any way to fix that? Also my keyboard recently changed on it's own and no longer has the microphone option.  

I have had the phone sense it first came out after quickly cycling through the Samsung intercept, which was stolen and the Optimus V which sucked tremendously.   I actually quite like the phone in general, the performance is starting to show it's age but it's still adequate and I frequently use the HDMI out which is a cherished and rare feature.  I dont want to upgrade to a newer phone and loose my $25/m.  BTW if you have firefox uninstall it, that buggy software crashes the phone even when it's not running.  

Been considering installing and external antenna and flashing the rom but I guess we can't talk much about that here.  


Why does the forum bug the crap out of you about what tablet you have and only offer the options for no tablet or an obscure never heard of motorola tablet.  Should at least say no motorola tablet instead of no tablet.