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What's DOS?
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The phone that was never supported

Why is it that Motorola never released any updates for this phone (as in, ever?)

Android Forums and CyanogenMod did a better job at supporting this than motorola itself ever did. 

Have the headset bug where your music pauses/unpauses really fast? Simple! Use headset blocker to fix it. 

Have the volume bug? Yep, there's downloads for that too. (But if I try to be helpful and post links to articles describing this, or go into any further detail, my post will get removed)

Want to update your OS to 2.3 or ICS? Well, if I said how to do it, this post would simpy get deleted. 

Personally, I find it ironic how the only effort Motorola has put into this phone is ensuring the only helpful content is on third part sites it can't control instead of it's own. In fact, I'm guessing this post will get deleted too, but if every time I post it, it helps so much as one person to find the actual answers to their devices problems, then I'm happy. 

PS: You're welcome for trying to do your jobs for you.