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What's DOS?
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any patches coming

i know it is staying 2.2, but are there any patches coming to help this problem riddled phone?

What's DOS?
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Re: any patches coming

If you are refering to at least the GPS working. nothing here is going to happen. There will be no update from Moto or VM. Although it is now know that the SSL is not enabled on the Motorola Triumph for the aGPS to function at all. The phones over seas has within the menu of the aGPS to enable SSL and with that aGPS works very fast. So when people were saying that the aGPS is turned off within the Motorola Triumph they were correct. The ability wasn't includes in Motorolas ROM to enable SSL in aGPS (oopsy) of which the others selling there clone sister phones like the Sharp 8188 did include. If you want to know more search... Motorola Triumph stock Sharp ... help here at Moto is dead.
oh ya what is SSL.... SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link
and somebody knows it.  copy and paste last post on this thread from link
"You will not be given a reason other than Motorola business partners decided against performing an update.
This page will be locked as the question has been answered."