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xoom 2 charging problem + service in SIngapore

2013-06-24, 3:02 AM

Hi all,

i had been using my Xoom 2 3G since Nov 2012, it was purchased from a chain electronic store in Singapore. prior to the expire of my warrenty, i had been experiencing weird charging patterns and battery status. like many posted in the forum, the tablet charges in a irregular pattern, mostly taking too long to charge and seldom reach 100%.

*NOTE* i have only used the original charger provided by Moto, not any other charger.

I sent it to the service centre for repair, the repair took more than 1 month, after i got my unti back, the problem persist but the warrenty has already expried. this brings me to the bad service i had been encountering with Singapore Moto service counter ever since the move from Cathay to Funan, i will come to that later.

it was mentioned that there's a problem with the motherboard for my tablet, the service centre was waiting for parts that's why it took such a long time. when the tablet was collected, the document said test ok and everything functions, this is NOT TRUE, i have exactly the same problem as before, makes me wonder if they even fix the tablet.

the situation gets worse and now my charging cant even move beyond 10%, funny thing is even after 'please connect charger' message pops up, i can still last a good 1 hour with the battery. i researched online, it seems like one of the root files is misbehaving, but there is no way i can change that.

i did a factory reset and the problem persist. i can almost be sure that it could be a software issue (tried many apps and all say battery in good health?). anyone else having the same problem?

next, bad service at the new collection centre in Singapore. in 2013 itself, i had 2 very bad experience with the new collection centre at Funan Centre, it was extremely bad in comparison to the old one at Cathay where service is speedy and staff friendly. Both my Razr and Xoom2 had been sent in, waited more than 1 month and came back with same problem. Through observation, Moto's market share in Singapore is already small, perhaps that is why the service centre closed and became simply a collection centre. Point is, just because the market share is small, doesnt mean the customer service can be cheap and bad, it is like a total disregard of existing customer. i guess there is no need to mention that our devices stay in ICS and will never get upgraded to JB.

i have had milestone, dext, 2 razrs, charm and a xoom 2, i can say i love the brand and the image, but it is getting hard to do so when the customer service is crap. when milestone, dext and charm had to stay in older andorid version, it was easy to understand, because the staff at service centre made a point to do service recovery and explained things properly. but the situation with my razr and xoom 2 is nothing but frustrating.

i understand part of the above is not related to xoom 2, if a moderator see this, appreaciate if you can move this to somewhere else.

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