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Xoom USB attachment bug?

2014-06-24, 4:01 AM

Okay, this is weird. Maybe its been this way since ICS and now with JB.

After my update to JB, I connected my Xoom to my Win 7 laptop via USB to view the contents of the device and do some file maintenance. The laptop reported loading drivers for a Xoom. But on opening my Windows Explorer to gain access to my Xoom, all I saw was an icon of a cellphone with the name Xoom. Clicking on that icon produced no results (or even any action). Thinking that the OS update somehow affected the registration of the Xoom with the Motorola Device Manager, I checked to see if there was an update to the MDM software. There was and I updated from MDM ver. 2.02.023 to 2.2.26.

After the update, when I plugged the Xoom into the PC I did see that the Xoom was now recognized as a tablet and I could access the internal and external files of the tablet.

HOWEVER...the weird part:

I took the microSD card out of the Xoom and inserted it directly into the PC to check on files and do some file maintenance. At the same time, I re-inserted the Xoom (without the microSD card inside) into the PC via USB. In Windows Explorer I now saw the attached microSD card, but the Xoom once again appeared only as a cellphone, with no access to the internal files.

I then put the microSD card back into the Xoom and reattached the Xoom to the PC and all of the Xoom files (internal and external) were visible. So, a bug?

Another weird thing I noticed when I finally did access the external files through the USB attached Xoom: there were many duplicates of the 3 file folders I had created on the SD card. However, when viewing the SD card inserted directly into the PC there were only the 3 original file folders. I have to say I noticed this on ICS a few months back, but since I don't really have access to or use the SD card for anything for picture storage it didn't bother me too much. Seeing it again in JB makes me wonder what is going on that the Xoom thinks there are many copies of the file folders when there really aren't.

Update: After a number of mounts and unmounts of the sd card and a reformat, plugging the Xoom into the PC results in pretty reliable access to internal or external storage (depending on whether or not the SD card is mounted, or actually inserted into the tablet.)

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