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What's DOS?
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I have a xoom2 media edition, wi-fi only version. Can someone please tell me why I have 4.90 GB in my mobile file and what is it used for? Can it be deleted without affecting the device?

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Re: storage

Hi WrinklyNinja,

May I ask where this file is located? That might b a third party app that created this folder.



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Re: storage

I think it must be a 3rd party app's data. Mine has about 11.5GB free after a reset/wipe.

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Re: storage

Greetings WrinklyNinja,

The mobile file can contain offline media, such as streaming content (movies, videos, music, etc) and other types of content for playback offline. If you have downloaded any movies or videos (I have done this before through my local Comcast service and Google) then you should use the appropriate app to remove the offline content that is no longer needed. Simply deleting the file may have adverse affects on your local media apps. A Factory Data Reset (as chrisinleedsuk mentioned) would certainly remove the file contents and return you to a factory fresh state, though that maybe overkill, since you will need to backup and restore all data and reinstall all of your apps.