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Paper Tape
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Flashing US WiFi Xoom with UK ROM

I have a WiFi only Xoom from the US that has already received its 3.2 update (about 30 seconds after getting online) so is it possible to flash a UK ROM on to this device, I guess to effectively downgrade it? I am aware that the UK update is only 3.1 at present.

I have done nothing to the Xoom as yet save apply updates and download Angry Birds and morelocale2 to give me a UK keyboard so I have no data to preserve, also the Xoom details are:

Android Version 3.2

Build: HTJ85B

Kernel: 2.6.36..3-gb899528 android-build@apa28 #1

All the searches I have done are for flashing UK to US so apologies if I have missed something.

Your thoughts & advice appreciated for any advice

Motorola Admin Motorola Admin
Motorola Admin
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Re: Flashing US WiFi Xoom with UK ROM

For the record, Motorola does not recommend flashing a device to any software other than the software it was intended to run. Plus, it will void your warranty.

- Matt

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