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What's DOS?
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Rooted in Brazil

To those of you from Brazil (dancovich, where are you from - we must keep in touch - this is not a joke touch itouch...), I found a few days ago this link

My Xoom MZ605 is already rooted with sdcard access and I would like to know if anybody has seen this and has done it!!! It looks very interesting, specially when Motorola is increadibbly (I don´t know if it writes like this, but you all got the idea) irresponsable for let us alone in the dark...I´m anxious to try this update...please take a look...

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Re: Rooted in Brazil

Moved to unlock community. Motorola does not recommend or condone rooting.

Please do not PM me - if you have issues, search the forums for threads on your topic and post there, or start a new thread. Thanks!
What's DOS?
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Re: Rooted in Brazil

I tried and it does work!!!

But, if you do not care for 3G, just flash the MZ604 US files on your Brazilian Xoom Wifi and be Happyly GED after!

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