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How to resync lost Facebook contacts Motorola XPRT

2012-10-26, 6:33 AM
I have looked all over for help on this subject and found a discussion here that was closed but wasn't as helpful as I had hoped. so since I found a solution for the problem I wanted to start a discussion on how to sync or rather resync facebook contacts back to your XPRT's contact list if lost.

My son deleted my contacts and when I restored them from online back ups I noticed my facebooks were not there. trying to remove the account to resync would not work. I received an error with each attempt. like many users I use the Facebook app from Google's market. even when I would force close the app it would still not remove my face book account. You can not resync unless you remove the account.

Open the facebook app and simply sign out of the app. do not close it but sign out by hitting the menu icon to the left of your home button on the touch scene. This will allow you to remove the Facebook account. It will warn you on sign out that all your Facebook data on your phone will be lost if you sign out. That is okay as soon as you log in and resync and reopen the app it will all come back.

Once you have logged out remove your account by going to My Accounts in the app drawer or from your phones settings through the menu button. Resettling your phone is not necessary but can be done at this point if you wish. Either way after this point you must add your facebook account back by going back to My Accounts. once you add the email and password and it goes back to your accounts screen you will see two (2) facebook accounts. Click one and if it pulls up a blue and white screen to log into the facebook app stop. Hit the back button and click the other facebook account. the one you want will have a black Motorola XPRT system windows that says "sync contacts" just hit that sync button and it should as long as facebook and your MOTOBLUR app on facebook are both working resync you contacts adding them to your phones contacts. Once that is done you can go back into the app and sign back in. Do not sign into the app first. this can sometimes cause it to not sync up when you try to sync. I know this is wordy and long but I wanted to be as detailed as I could be. This will work for accidental deletions as in my case, I can not speak for other issues with other users. But after looking for help on this and not being able to find it I wanted to offer what I could.

I was told the only way to fix this was a factory default reset. and I did not have to do one after following these steps. Just remember any account you try to remove must be signed out of first from the app it is used even if you do not use that ID. For example I have 2 twitters. I can not remove the one I do not use if I do not sign out of it before I remove it from the app. even if it's not logged in. same with facebook and most other accounts.

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Re: How to resync lost Facebook contacts Motorola XPRT

2012-10-29, 19:49 PM

Nice post--thank you!

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