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Meet our Malware and Security Experts

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Hi All,


Welcome to our first online event ‘Malware and Security: How you can keep your systems bug-free’!

Here’s the list of panelists who will be present from Nov 28 – 30 to answer your questions about malware and security.

They are, (in no particular order):


1. Linda Layton


Linda is a Microsoft MVP whose focus is on consumer security. Known online as Bugbatter, she dedicates much of her time in our Lenovo Community helping others in their search for anything malware and security related. Her love for helping others is extended to other forums including SpywareInfoGeeks to Go and Bleeping Computer.

Linda is a member of the Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals. She is also a weekly contributor to an American radio program, “Computer Talk”, where she gives her take on malware and security. She is also a Site Administrator and Training Administrator at SpywareHammer.


Follow Linda on twitter @bugbatter for her latest updates on the malware and security scene.


2. Aryeh Goretsky


Aryeh Goretsky, aka 'goretsky', is a Windows Expert-IT Pro Microsoft MVP who has accumulated much experience combating malware.  Aryeh is one of Lenovo Community’s moderators, and spends much of his free time here helping and guiding users around the forums. He is also very active on many security and technology websites.


Aryeh was the first employee at McAfee and is now a researcher at ESET, an anti-malware firm  He posts occasionally in his personal blog and more recent articles can be found at the ESET Threat Blog.


3. Corrine Chorney


Corrine Chorney, or ‘Corrine’, is a long-time volunteer in several forums, where she helps users remove malware and other infections from their systems. She has garnered much experience in her work as a Systems Analyst, where she provided support for customized and specialized legal applications, and even served as webmaster of the Legal Department’s intranet.

Corrine is also a Microsoft MVP in Consumer Security and is a member of UNITE (Unified Network of Instructors and Trained Administrators) . She is also Secretary, ASAP Admin Council (Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals). She has a blog and twitterers can get her latest updates @securitygarden.


4. Pieter Viljoen


Pieter Viljoen, or ‘PieterV’, is the Senior Technical Director, Consumer Products and Solutions, from anti-malware and security firm Symantec. He spends much time answering queries from community members in the Symantec Forums, and shares his knowledge about all things malware and security on his blog.


5. Dave Kliros

Dave Kliros, or '1972vet,' is a moderator of two free software forums on the SpywareHammer website, and is also a moderator on the MalwareBytes Forum. He is also active in other malware removal forums such as Bleeping Computer and Tech Support Forum. He has produced several articles for SpywareHammer's Knowledge Base, and co-authored many of the others published there as well.

Dave is a member of UNITE (Unified Network of Instructors and Trained Administrators). From time to time he can be found in many other help forums. 

Dave has been a Microsoft MVP since 2009. 


6. Al Weil

Al Weil, who goes by the online moniker PCBruiser in online security forums,is a co-founder and Administrator of SpywareHammer. He previously was an Administrator at CastleCops, and previously a hardware oriented forum. He has over 50 years of computer experience. The first computer system he worked on, in 1960, was the original vacuum tube based system created at MIT's Lincoln Labs. He has published several papers on the internet related to both hardware, software, operating systems and most importantly, Security. 


Al also is a Mentor at SpywareHammer's Training Academy. Al is a member at UNITE ( (Unified Network of Instructors and Trained Administrators) and can always be found working at SpywareHammer.



7. Jim Stables


Jim Stables, or bamajim, is Administrator and owner of anti-malware website SpywareHammer. Professionally he is a Parts and Service Director in the automotive field and "unofficial" IT support lead for four of his company's locations. Jim has worked in the anti-malware community since December of 2005 and does a lot of behind the scenes work in malware research. Jim was a Microsoft MVP for Consumer Security 2008-2010 and along with some friends founded Other hobbies include furniture making and college football.


8. Jay Pilarta


Jay has been a Microsoft MVP for Consumer Security since 2010 and is known in the Microsoft Answers Forums as Aiscer. He enjoys interpreting and resolving the challenging error codes of Windows Updates. Currently he is advocating for Cyber-Crime Laws in his country and is also a Community Moderator for the Microsoft Security Essentials Forums. You can find more about him through his blog: Crimson Spectrum and twitter handle:@JPilarta.


9. Cyrus R

Cyrus is a Security Consultant at Regional Trend Labs. He handles threat-related escalations coming from our frontline and premium support services. He monitors and ensures resolution of all high severity or high impact malware cases received via technical support. 

In addition, Cyrus conducts threat and core technology trainings, helping each engineer understand the evolution of threat through the ages and as it is experienced in various regions. He also assist in the setup and maintenance of malware sourcing systems and performs test cases to Trend Micro products with the goal of increasing threat detection and cleanup rate. Cyrus, in coordination with the product management team, develops solutions to continuously innovate Trend Micro’s product to provide maximum security protection and increase user-friendly functionalities to its customers. 


10. Rose Gabillete


Rose is a Technical Specialist and handles Community Management for Trend Micro’s Consumer group of products.  She ensures that Trend products maintain its high “techie” friendliness and threat detection rate to provide online security for the end users.  She makes it a point that Trend community members are aware of solutions to current malware trends.Rose works closely with the development teams to continuously improve on Trend Micros' capability in removing malware infection and forensics, and is constantly innovating malware removal tools for the company's customers.


Catch these experts in action from November 28 - 30 in our online event, where a special board will be opened for you post your questions. Our experts will be on hand to answer your queries, as well as share tips about keeping your systems secure.




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