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Paper Tape
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Why no seperate thread for vr headset and camera!!!

It has been about a year since i purchased my Lenovo vr180 camera. 

I feel so much like Lenovo just wanted to sell me the buggy camera and the leave me in the ditch.


After one year the thread for Vr headset and camera are still mixed together making it very difficult to navigate info on camera in here... someone mentioned this 1 year ago but still nothing happened!!!! 


MAKE THE SEPERATE THREADS LENOVO... are you reading anything in here at all!!!!


The support for use with Oculus is none existing .. you have to go through hell to get images on your headset. (And NO i will not buy the lenovo headset)


Imagine if you had a lenovo camera that would only display pictures on a lenovo monitor!!! This is practically what this is!!! Shame on lenovo for this. 

I honestly want my money back. 


-You have to download pictures from camera to phone..

-Then upload to google photos...

-Then enter a browser on oculus go..

-Find google photos and the picture

-Download picture to headset!!! 



You can also copy pictures from your camera

to laptop and then to oculus go headset. ... why having to go through all his troubble?! 

Not to mention that you have to take the sdcard out of the camera to add to laptop since connecting the camera to laptop direct can only access the internal memory. 


Google and oculus are killing the mobile vr scene in this war.  They simply ruin this tech for themselves and its users. 



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