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Elite Sliver doesn't start up - partially fixed...

I have a small fleet of Motorola Elite Sliver headsets.  

I've had dozens of bluetooth headsets over the years; these are just the best.  Especially for audiobooks, my favored use for them.  However... I don't have any that actually work anymore.  

I have two can put my hands on right now, and they have all failed in the same manner.  From fully charged, they give the little chime... go silent, and repeat.  Or, one of them gets to "ready to pa", then gives a high pitch buzz, then recycles.

I found this page ( giving information on how to hard-reset the Sliver, and that solved my issue (on one headset)!  Perhaps there are others experiencing the same.  If so, try it - hold the button on the 'front' (vs the one on the 'end') down while turning the earpiece to its on position.  It should behave as if it were brand new again.

Of the two I immediately found, one recovered via this method... and the other is on whenever it's out of its case.  That second one will not reset in this manner, and when I try to pair my phone to it, the phone effectively indicates success, while the attempt causes the headset to reboot.

Well, a 50% effective fix is great for me right now...