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Flip boom on the HX600 Boom broke!

I got a HX600 Boom Bluetooth headset for Christmas, and just yesterday the flip-open boom snapped off as I was opening it. I've never dropped it, not even once, and certainly haven't treated it roughly.


I would expect a 60 dollar headset would last more than three months. I noticed that the part that broke was just a thin piece of plastic next to the actual switch (see attached image). Has this happened to a lot of people?

And does anyone know if the warranty would cover this? I mean, it freakin' better.

P.S. Has anyone had any luck getting the Caller I.D. feature to work? For me, it only reads out the caller's PHONE NUMBER. Not working as advertised.

Bit Torrent
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Re: Flip boom on the HX600 Boom broke!

I have owned a HX 550 for over a year and use it every day with my personal phone. I recently bought a HX600 to use with my work phone and so far have had good luck with both, no broken booms. I did read quite a few reviews on Amazon that said the boom on the HX600 seemed to break easily. Mine is holding up fine so far. I would think the warranty would cover that since it is so new. I hope so.