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H19txt Problems

I purchased this bluetooth headset when it first came out on Amazon. I really like the design, it's very comfortable and the ability to flip the boom on/off is very handy. But I've had some issues with it and, unfortunately, considering returning it.

1. I wanted a device that can multipair with my iPhone 5 and my Windows 7 laptop (for Skype calls). When I pair with the laptop, it initially pairs, but then I receive an error "Device driver software was not successfully installed". There is a message that says "No driver found" for the Bluetooth peripheral device. I have tried to pair with two different laptops and I receive the same error message. I have contacted Motorola technical support two different times and they have been no help at all to solve the problem.

2. Call Quality: With the iPhone 5, I can hear others throught the headset fairly well. Other people say they can hear me and the volume is good, but they complain about the clarity of my voice. One person said it sounds like I'm "in a tunnel".

3. Lost connection: On multiple occassions, I've been on a call using the headset, and suddenly the headset audio will stop working (the person on the other can hear me, but I can no longer hear them). On the iPhone, I just select Audio Source on the call screen, temporarily switch audio back to the iPhone, and then switch back to the headset, and then it starts working again).

There are a lot of positive reviews on Amazon, so I'm wondering if perhaps I just received a defective unit. But for $100, I really expected this device to be excellent. Has anyone else experienced any similar issues to what I've had?

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Re: H19txt Problems

Regarding your qestions:

1. Does your Win7 machine support BT headsets? Have others worked? The BT stack on the computer needs to support the proper BT profiles

2. Does this headset have any noice cancelling features you can turn off? The user guide should have this info...

3. If others are using this headset with an iPhone 5 without issue, then it could be your headset. But since this unit was developed before the iPhone 5 came out, it could be your phone.

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