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What's DOS?
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HX550 Wants to Re-pair Every Time

Flip open the HX550.  Voice instructions advise it is "Ready to Pair".  Tell bluetooth software on my computer to search for devices.  HX550 detected.  Tell computer to pair.  Pairs successfully.  HX550 announces "Pairing complete."  Close HX550.

Open HX550 again.  Computer shows successful connection.  For all of 3 seconds.   Then connection is dropped and HX550 again announces "Ready to Pair".  Unpair from computer end.  (Since it doesn't know the device lost the pair.)  Repeat steps in first paragraph.

Close.  Reopen.  Connects.  Drops connection.  Ready to pair again.  Computer still thinks it is paired.

What does one have to do to get the HX550 to remember that it successfully paired not 10 seconds previously and maintain the connection that it successfully obtains with the paired computer for all of 3 of those seconds?


Moto Sr Moderator
Moto Sr Moderator
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Re: HX550 Wants to Re-pair Every Time

Is this behavior only on your pc? Does it work with a phone


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