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HX550 not dictating text properly for sending text

I recently purchased a HX550 and installed My MotoSpeak on my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. The My MotoSpeak app is set as the default app for sending texts. It reads incoming texts just fine and responds to voice commands to make a call and send a text.


But when it's listening for me to speak my text message, it seems to hear it (the graphics equalizer fluctuates), but then I pause, My MotoSpeak says "Working" then it immediately comes back with a "Try Again" prompt. The odd thing is that the headset does work with the built in S Voice app (Samsungs) which will send texts using the headset. But I like the My MotoSpeak feature of being able to send messages totally hands free.

I've reset all app preferences multiple times, removed and re-installed the My MotoSpeak app from the Play Store and still the same results.

Does anyone have My MotoSpeak working with a Samsung phone (especially a S5) to send texts hands free? Thanks!!

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Re: HX550 not dictating text properly for sending text

The My Moto Speak servers have been down (again!) since November, that's why you are experiencing this.  It's happening to everyone, regardless of what Blue Tooth device or phone model.  The same thing happened in November 2013, and My Moto Speak started working again in January 2014.  You can call Motorola Tech Support and open a help ticket, the more that do...the quicker this might get fixed.  But the problem is not your phone, not your headset and not the app.  It's the server (or servers) that process the speech to text functions.