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Paper Tape
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No response from RZ100

I'm only posting this here because the RZ100 has an integrated mono Bluetooth headset function. It is also a multi-touch remote for Android devices. I'm not sure where this post should go.

After putting the device into pairing mode, my RZ100 suddenly stopped responding completely. I turned it off and on but it hasn't come back on. I don't even get an indicator light when it's plugged into charge. 

This was a $100 device originally. It'd be crazy if it just stopped working, right? 


Bit Torrent
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Re: No response from RZ100

Have you tried contacting Motorola Technical Support?  I'm not sure what the number is from memory, but should be simple to find.  This forum is a Owners forum, Motorola employees do not always monitor posts and / or reply; mainly fellow Motorola product owners.  Hope they can help you out.  Good luck!