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Regarding SD card

Before I get to the main problem, I want to give details of the phone. I am using Moto c and 32 GB Samsung SD Card. Up until now, I only use SD card as transfer media,  until I realize that my app data and media storage is eating up my internal space. From that moment forward, I decided to format the card as internal storage and move some data from internal storage to the card, thus attempting to loosen internal storage use.

After a while, it's fine. Nothing really happened aside slower response from some apps due to my card, being UHS-1, contained the data for them. My phone has (what it said) 1 GB of RAM therefore needing to restart everytime it seems to run slow. Closing processes might done the job, but it is ineffective (frequently useless). 

This morning, I restart my device as usual trying to freshen the performance. After it is done booting, I got goosebump, it is not there.

 "What's not there?"you say,

Well first my Line app usually receive tons of notif from night owls in group chats. It's not there.

Second, I use a certain sound as my ringtone that I kept in my SD as audio file. It's not heard.

Third, I tried to play some music and songs that I kept in the SD card, they're neither shows nor able to be played.

I panicked. I probably rolled my eyes back. It says:

"Samsung SD card is missing

Please reinsert SD card"

So I do what most people do.
I reinsert the SD card.
It didn't work.

I restart then reinsert SD card.
It didn't work.2x

I turn off, reinsert SD card, then turn on the SD card.
It worked.3x

Only 440 MB out of 5.56 GB of data readable.

"Where's the rest ?" I say

I tried reading through PC, which involves plugging cable to my PC and read the storage through the PC's file explorer.

Only Four files are readable, and each sized 0KB.

Just when I want to give up. There's storage status I noticed in the media library.

"22GB free" 

I have mixed feelings about this, not only does it means the data's prior to the error is still there, but if I attempt to reuse the SD card(format it), I will loose the data that may be be unreadable by phone, but readable if trouble shooting found.

Also, play store won't install anything(after double downloading and overdown loading on the second download attempt)

I would appreciate if there's any solution to my problem since after viewing this forum site, it's not just me that has this problem.
Apparently nat all SD card is in friendly terms with their Motorola ports.

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Senior MotoAgent
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Re: Regarding SD card

Hello Akramm,


Thank you for posting, this is odd. Let me have one of our team take a look at this and get back to you.




Motorola Support

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