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Avoiding accidental changes of volume

this is not a specific for Motorola, but maybe Motorola can customize it in its phones, or ask for Android customization.

In Android usually it's impossible to "really" set the phone to silent mode, since it's enough to touch accidentally the Volume+ button and the ringtone volume changes, so it can be a disaster in a work meeting, in a theatre... in that case I would be considered unpolite, even if I set my phone to silent.

It's also possible the opposite, I have the volume at 50% and accidentally I press the Volume- button and it goes down to 10% - so i won't hear the next call.

Similar accidents can be also for Volumes of calling and Multimedia.

The volume setting should definitely need an additional "tap" in order to open the volume menu, eventually chose WHICH volume should be changed in order to make the accidental changes less likely.

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