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(help) (virus?) Unlimited error messages keeps popping up and won't let the device function.

Hi There,

I've got a problem that seems to be impossible to be solved.

A Moto G Xt1033 device is unable to function properly due to thousands and unlimited pop up error messages,
It comes back as fast as I try to close it, I cannot access the home screen, or any app ( If I try hard I may break the screen) Only the settings menu seems to be accessible with a lot of effort, Which i did not have at this time. I have tried wiping, flashing the device with no success at all, User data never gets deleted.


Has anybody ever come to this issue before?

Messages that appear on the screen:


"Google Store stopped"
"PSafe Total Stopped"
"Home Stopped"
"The Process Stopped"

Whenever I hit Ok, It comes all back..