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2 G4 Play phones will not call one specific phone number

2020-05-14, 16:56 PM

A real head scratcher. We have multiple G4 Play phones out in the field on the T-Mobile network. Although we have moved on to later models, we still successfully use the older G4 Play phones. One user recently started to complain that his G5 Play would not call a specific phone number. It dials, rings once and hangs up. It was looked at initially and it was observed once and then, after a reboot, it seemed to go away. Fast forward, the next day, the phone was back, this time with a cracked screen, but the report was that it would not again call that number, an important parts supplier.


So, with a cracked screen in mind, I swapped it for another G4 Play. Set it up, copied everything over, tried the phone call and boom, same thing. Tried a different SIM card in that phone and nope, still can't call that phone number. So the other end is not blocking us. Factory reset that phone. Tried again. Nope. Can't call the phone number. Put the SIM card in a G4 (not play and it worked fine. So he now has the G4.


My question is. I have 2 G4 Play phones that won't call a specific phone number. One was factory reset with no improvement. I hate to send that phone, which is otherwise working fine, back out in the field. And I have another that just needs a screen swap. Any suggestions on why the phone will call that number, ring once and hang up?


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Re:2 G4 Play phones will not call one specific phone number

2020-05-15, 8:25 AM

When this happens is can be a corrupted Contacts list but not always just on the phone as Gmail keeps them backed up.


Couple of things to try.


1: Write down the Numbers not working and delete them from the Contacts app and manually re-enter them then clear the RAM using a,"Soft Reset" which means holding the Power button in for around 10/15 seconds until the the phone restarts. This emulates taking the Battery out.


2: Download the free Google Contacts standalone app as it has the ability to clear up the Contacts lists including hidden duplicates,


If it finds any problems once it's launched a small red dot appears top left with,"Tips" so check the options.



HTH :)





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