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Motorola G4 Default Camera Issue

2020-04-28, 10:32 AM

I have a Motorola G4 and the default camera is not working properly. It allows me to take one picture and then it freezes. The capture button becomes unclickable and I must exit out of the application, close it out, and then reenter to take another. I am convinced it is an issue within the app, such as a bug, not my phones fault because when I uninstall all updates from the app it works great. Unfortunately, that is not ideal either because the app gets set back to a state where features I use regularly in app are missing. Then when I reinstall the updates issue reappears. Is there a way for me to get to a list and select from previous updates? Because as mentioned the one now seems to have a bug and when I uninstall all it is missing needed features. I have tried several troubleshooting issues, such as clear the cache, and "soft reset." They don't fix the issue. Anyone have any advice or further steps I could take? Perhaps I am wrong and it is my phone. But from the steps I have taken and the evidence I've seen, it appears I am dealing with a bug in the app since when I uninstall the updates I no longer deal with the issue. If that is the problem, is there a way I could easily get in contact with a developer to have them either publicly release an update or send me one to fix the issue? Otherwise, does anyone know of any good quality free camera apps that would work for my phone instead? Please help!


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Re:Motorola G4 Default Camera Issue

2020-04-28, 12:42 PM

You've done everything I would have done. I don't like the Stock Android cameras as they are too limited in their options for me. I use the Ad-Free,"Open Camera"  from the Google Playstore,


Give it a go whilst you find a fix.




Open Camera allows you to change the default Save location to an SD in the phone as well  :)



HTH :)


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