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Punch Card
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Change the Icon Size

How can I change the icon size on my moto g4 Plus homescreen? 

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Re: Change the Icon Size

It is not possible to change icon size for Google Now Launcher. However - you can install any third party launcher like Apex/ Nova if it is a real eye sore for you :-)

Moto X4 (India) 6 / 64 GB Edition
What's DOS?
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Re: Change the Icon Size

Easy to do in Action 3.

Punch Card
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Change the icon size in g4 plus

How to change / decrease the size of app icons in moto g4 plus?

Please help if there is any option as i Don't want to use third party app!

Paper Tape
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Re: Change the Icon Size

I upgraded my Moto G4 Plus yesterday to Android 8.1 and I just hate the way it looks in general now, specially how squeezed the icons are now inside, and the fact that it's on a transparent background instead of on a white background, settings that were accessible through a grid menu that apparently has been removed in Android 8.1 Oreo, so if anyone knows how to change the grid size and color as well as the notifications bar color *without* needing to install a third party launcher, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
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