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Paper Tape
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Re: G4 Play - GPS Issues - GPS not working

Reading extensively here on the forum pages and elsewhere on the net, it does  appear the GPS issue in moto g variants has more than one cause. And some have solved the problem while others have not. Take my case for instance. I started using Google Maps a few months back and the GPS was locking in and out erratically, mostly it was "searching for GPS" and that too only on "high accuracy mode" when obviously the phone was homing in on nearby cell towers to get a fix.. I first did all the usual things : Updated to latest edition of Google maps, updated to Nougat 7.1.1 with the June 18 security patch, cleared catche data, wiped the cache partition on the phone, but the problem persisted. Next, I installed the GPS Test app to check out the diagnosis. What I found was, the phone was detecting upto 20 plus satellites but the signal aquisition was very weak, at times the phone was using up to 6-7 satellites but the SNR were pathetic, mostly below 20 and hence struggling to lock in. I had read  a few posts ( not sure in which forum) where people had referred to opening up their phones to work on the GPS antenna contact pads and said this worked for them. There were a couple of posts on just tightening the screws on the inner case, instead of opening it up and how that solved the problem for them. I took the 2nd easier option and did find SNR improving and GPS locking on Google  more consistently and quicker but unfortunately, the effect would not last more than a day at best. That however convinced me that it was more a hardware problem involving the antenna contact pads at least  in my case, not software related. I then experimented with placing small strips of cardboard inside  the phone,  in between  the outer case and inner case, concentrating on the GPS antenna location and also on the opposite side, for balancing the pressure. Number of satellites identified increased, SNR improved dramatically, the GPS aquisition was quicker and the GPS worked smoothly with minimal fade outs on Google maps. So my advice to fellow sufferers, if everything else fail on the software side, you may like to experiment with my solution and hopefully it works! All the best.

Paper Tape
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Re: Moto G4 play GPS

This worked for me - must be a bad mechanical connection. Hope it lasts.
Paper Tape
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Re: G4 Play - GPS Issues - GPS not working

I'm trying the cardboard option now. So far, 15m accuracy!

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