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Paper Tape
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G4 Plus sound system failure after 8.1 update

I'd been happily running stock Android 7.0 on my G4 Plus (unlocked, not rooted, no custom ROMs or anything, SD card formatted as internal storage) and installed the 8.1 update in late May when it was first offered in the US. Shortly thereafter, I'd occasionally start the device from sleep or boot up only to find that no app would play sound through my earbuds (or any headphones or speakers I hooked up to the jack), and I'd have to reboot to get the sound working. Over the next couple weeks, the problem became more frequent until no number of reboots would do the trick. After a bit of research and consideration, I performed a factory reset (unmounting and removing the SD card 1st - only running on internal storage now) and that hasn't done any good. Rebooting in Safe Mode hasn't worked either.


When I'm "playing" audio, Spotify and Chrome will announce in the notification bar that media is playing, but the volume buttons by default will adjust the ringtone volume rather than media volume (ringtones don't play either). The YouTube app, meanwhile, returns a playback failure - so there's a disagreement between components of the phone as to whether anything's playing, I guess. The problem is similar to this, and to this but the sound is entirely silent rather than simply dropping in volume.


Recording doesn't work either (the phone doesn't recognize a sound is being made and the recording app or camera proceeds to freeze). I don't know whether the phone's speaker was affected - that failed a few months ago, and I'd been relying on earbuds while procrastinating buying a replacement speaker and the tools to install it. I don't own a Bluetooth speaker so I haven't tried that.


I originally posted this to r/MotoG. I may contact Motorola customer support, but I was wondering if it was a hardware issue and/or whether anyone had an alternative solution I hadn't considered.


Does anyone have any advice? Would any further information be helpful?



Token Ring
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Re: G4 Plus sound system failure after 8.1 update


There's a new update that has been pusehd earlier this week

Paper Tape
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Re: G4 Plus sound system failure after 8.1 update

Thanks! Any idea when it'll be available for retus?

Paper Tape
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Re: G4 Plus sound system failure after 8.1 update

dear team, kindly provide an update to rectify the problem or provide a roll over update to go back to naughat. Not able to hear calls, speaker also not working. You tube, or other apps not working. Read and did all the points mentioned by support team but all in vain. Kindly share escalation email ids to address this issue. Not able to use phone, need to use 3.5 mm to attend calls.
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Re: G4 Plus sound system failure after 8.1 update

I have the same problem started this afternoon. Only sound on Bluetooth devices no jack, speaker or earpiece.
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