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How do I clone an SD card set for "internal storage"?

I have a Moto G4+ and recently the Samsung 32gb EVO+ SD card in it is not always recognized. Rebooting always solves the problem, and reseating it is not the cure.


The card is set for "internal storage" meaning it is encrypted and cannot be read in any other device including my Windows 10 PC.


I want to clone the card's contents onto a new SD card, but cannot find any way to do it.  While I can copy the contents of the card to my PC via a USB cable connected to the phone (for file transfer), it cannot be copied back to fresh SD card in the phone if it is formatted for "internal storage."


No cloning software can recognize the card if put in a card reader in a USB port on my PC, and therefore neither its image nor contents can be copied to a PC or to a fresh SD card in another USB slot on the PC in its encrypted format.


If I put the fresh SD card in the Moto and format it for internal storage use, I cannot any transfer files to it from the PC.


So... is there any way to clone my original SD card set for "internal storage" to a new card that hopefully did not have the occasional quirk of not being recognized when the Moto is turned on?




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