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Paper Tape
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Re: I can't transfer files from my pc to Moto G4 phone

OK..i have the same problem I get the message"The device has either stopped working or has been disconnected".

Phone is in "transfer file mode" I tried creating a new folder...same message. reboot phone and PC, no help.

new cable, different port. Can transfer on other phones without a problem. This is acting like it is out of space, but there is plenty(16.1/29.5).

I really like this phone..and dont want to change at this time.


What's DOS?
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Re: I can't transfer files from my pc to Moto G plus phone

How Silly I am, thanks for showing the way of handling it.. I really appreciate

Paper Tape
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Re: I can't transfer files from my pc to Moto G plus phone


Does anyone know where new videos get imported once you connect your computer to your Moto G4 Plus phone? I can't find my videos that were recently imported to my laptop. Where do I check for this? Thanks!



What's DOS?
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Re: I can't transfer files from my pc to Moto G4 phone

Their is a old saying you get what you pay fore. Lenovo inferior designed  products make that a true statement.

Lenovo products are on the low end of the cost scale . When you purchase one of their lower cost  products all their malfunctioning  gliches come with their products.

I own 2 of their products : A unstable  lock-up Moto G4  phone & a dual processor windows 10 desk top which also locks-up & pressing CTRL-ALT- DElETE won't take me to task manager or clear the computer.


As to answering  your question :

I am assuming you have a USB chord connected between your phone and USB port on your computer

1] go to settings

2]click on Developer options

3]click USB debugging on

4] scrowl down to Select USB Configuration

5]click on MTP [Media Transfer  Protocal

6] Go to your computer ,click on desk top computer Icon  , check to see if your computer shows your phone connected as a  external drive

7.start transfering data

Also while transfering data to & from my phone , the transfer will stop ,   Another  Moto glich  , USB configuration will chang on it's own. click back origional transfer choice,

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