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Paper Tape
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MOTO G4 no audio output

I have a moto g$ plus thats just out of warranty and has no sound. as i see many others have the same issue, i will report what ive tried as well.

Mine started with sound only at reboot and sometimes would cut out during the hello moto playback. I quickly noticed that if i keep the phone verticle/pright, the sound will keep working or at least notificatoins will. 

I have factory reset, tried safe mode, replaced speaker, tested circuitry, reflashed an older OS and many more things all to no success.

I now want to send it off for repair but cannot get a reply from moto on how to do so. I bought it direct from MOTO UK so would have hoped for some sort of support from them.


as so many thousands of others, i am really disappointed. all my family have been moto fans for years and this is looking like we will change to something more reliable.

i evenlooked at reflowing the output IC after reading a french forum about the same problem.

I'd repair it myself if i could find the actual fault!

since i cannot trace it to a hardware issue, i must assume its firmware related.

Former Employee
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Re: MOTO G4 no audio output

Hi USspec


Just to confirm, you were the one who replaced the speakers? Motorola does not support self-repair. Any repair concerns like this are only engineers could help. We suggest visiting nearest local service centre repair for any help.


But you may check this link for further assistance. 


Motorola Support

Paper Tape
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Re: MOTO G4 no audio output

Really? Thanks for the poorly worded reply and the terrible use of the english language "Ella" If you are in the Philipines as your profile states PH, I would expect much better as all my filipino friends can speak perfect English as I can speak Tagalog.

As I stated, my phone is outside of the warranty period. I am an electronics engineer and anyone with a few basic tools can handle the simple taske of replacing the speaker! It only has 1!!!! did you bother to look that up?


please stop posting replies to people with problems as you have not helped a single one!


Motorola, or their UK service center have replied with a quote to look at it with no hint or clue as to what might be the casue even though i am certain they have had this issue many times.

Another (much closer) place in manchester has replied with a lower quote to inspect it. since they have a proper lab and more access for software issues, i will take it to them rather than give more money to Moto/Lenovo.

I have used nothing but MOTO in my family for years, G, E, X and Z series in the USA and UK but NO MORE! I am sick of the poor support from their online "agents" (foreign call center) Who dont bother to help other than paste in standard "here, try this" replies.

Blue Screen Again
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If you have the issue with 5he SOEAKER or mic not working I have the fix. My phone would play sound when connected to headphones but speaker woukdnt play anything when . disconnected. How I fixed it, hold down power and voulme down until it restarts you in bootloader mode. When on that screen I was reading the information about phone and seen that the tools was not on. Hmm. The voulme up and down buttom brings u to different items. Hit the voulme up button twice until it said activate tools. Hmm. Hit the oower button(used as the select button) to select to turn on tools. Hit volume down button to start. Hit power button to select. Restarted the phone back to normal working mode. Jackpot!!!

Paper Tape
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Re: MOTO G4 no audio output

Same here


-First, the output and imput stops sometimes and was restored after a restart. Anoying, but affordable

-The touchpad sometimes wents crazy and begin to send aleatory touchs. Was restored after restart also. Very anoying sometimes, but affordable also.

-But from one day to other, output audio stops. Was not the microphone, as some apps as google maps can still recive voice commands.

-Still not working after a software reset. Still not working after deleting the cache and all user data from the recovery mode

-Buyed another telephone from another company. Very dissapointed, I buyed the motorola because I had previously good experience with its hardware, but the software was a failure from the beginning and was not fixed two years later.

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