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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Moto G4 Plus WIFI battery drain

I was only able to solve my battery issue by buying 2 batteries and soldering the wires into one plug. Hot glue and black duct tape for a back.


I went from a brand new g4 that might last me to 7:30 pm of business use from 7 am off charger, to dying every 3pm after 6 months, then by 11 am.  Now, with right 2 piggyback cell configuration of 6amp hour, I might have 50 percent drop over 12 hours of business use.


About 8.5 hours sot. But my idle drop is about 3%, with wifi off, location off, battery saver mode, data saver mode, no background apps, screen about 75% of what you actually need.  Pathetic, but workable, if not on road trip, with camera, navigation  calling, web use.... Best do 3 cells, if you travel. 


Also, quick charging no longer heats up my phone or battery.  



Blue Screen Again
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Re: Moto G4 Plus WIFI battery drain

What is solution for screen usage details draining fast.

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