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Re: Moto G4 Plus it crashes randomly (usually when battery <= 50%) - should we file class action

FYI to people looking at a potential class-action suit, I've been super busy (it's summer vacation season), and having to find new phones hasn't helped.  I have one more phone to find and buy (for my wife), and then I can focus on contacting a class action lawsuite lawyer, to see what their thoughts are.


Btw, the fact that my wife also had a Motroloa Moto G4 Plus (that we both bought at the same time), was another reason why I think that Lenovo has pushed faulty merchandise on us, and it's also why I think the people in these forums are full of *bleep*.  Again, someone point to me one thread where someone chimed in and said "safe mode, or clearing cache, or factory reset" ever fixed these issues with the random shut downs.


And do you know why my Wife's phone helped confirmed this to me?




Let me take you through something here, our smartphone history:


1) Bought Used MyTouch smartphones off eBay, then when we moved onto new phones, sold them on eBay.


2) Bough Brand New Samsung Galaxy S3's, then when we moved onto new phones, then eventually sold them on eBay.


3) At one point, bought our kids Samsung Galaxy Sol's, to use as "iPod"s (not activated, just used the WiFi).  We bought them around the same time as our G4 Pluses.  Just got them iPhone SE's recently, and I still have them, working just fine.


4) Bought Brand New Motoroloa G4 Pluses.  Months later they exhibited problems, that steadily got worse, and now we are at the point where we had to ditch them (I had to ditch mine) as they are getting progressively worse and don't operate that well.  Mine was crashing to the point where I couldn't do Navigation, Videos, you name it.  Then, it stopped charging.  My wife's is starting to get to that point, and hers charges right now, but takes like a day to get to 100%, even if she uses the Quick charger.


Now, of those four phones, what doesn't seem like the other?


Our previous phones all worked, and were even resold.  The G4 Pluses always had problems, got worse, and now I couldn't even get a penny on eBay, or re-use them in any way.  They have become trash.


How could it be that BOTH PHONES had issues and similar issues at that!  Boy did we get lucky I guess!!  Two for two (on terrible broken phones from Motroloa)!!!  Trust me, people, that's not a conincidence.  That's Motroloa/Lenovo selling defective trash to you.

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Re: Moto G4 Plus it crashes randomly (usually when battery <= 50%) - should we file class action


I'm experience the similar problem and it is very frustrating. It crashes randomly in middle of call, while typing messages, watching a video. Please let me know if you there is any solution.

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Re: Moto G4 Plus it crashes randomly (usually when battery <= 50%) - should we file class action

Even i do face the same problem from last 3 months. It was truly frustating. Tried everything doing factory reset and all.

And even visited Service center spending 700rupees(10$) results waste of money.

This was not happening with earlier version of android. After android 7.0 it started coming.

Some buggie release is made.

Thougt of degrading android version, but no where we can do, even in autherised service center.


its Never buy again for me this Motorola device.


Crash happens randomly some times low battery, some time on recieve of notification, video playing and browsing mostly.


Can you please degrade my Mobile with Android 6.0?

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Re: Moto G4 Plus it crashes randomly (usually when battery <= 50%) - should we file class action

Hi All, 


We thank you for your feedback, we are sorry to learn about the ongoing issue that you have been facing. Just to narrow down-- when you say crashing, are all the third party apps crashes?


  • Can we test in Safe Mode to see if this is an app issue? To go into Safe Mode, press the physical power key, then press and hold the pop-up "Power off" key until the Safe Mode instructions pop up. If you do not see any crash in safe mode-- then you might want to consider to perform wipe cache partition on your device and observe, or remove any apps they might be causing an issue.

If the issue still persists the next option would be to perform factory data reset without restoring any apps and have your device set as new-- observe it before installing any apps. By this, you can rule out if something is interfering with the process resulting in crashes.


If this issue still persists then service/repair would be the next step.




Sorry to learn about the issue, if you are still facing issue with the device after repair, request you to write us at for us to further investigate in regards to the same. Do share us the Job sheet you had received earlier.




Moto Support




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Re: Moto G4 Plus it crashes randomly (usually when battery <= 50%) - should we file class action

I also have this problem. I am not at all happy about it. This was the perfect phone for me, does all I need it to do, which isnt much. I do not appreciate the runaround I have seen while reading this entire thread. You guys should go buy a G4 and troubleshoot this issue. That is your job, not ours. One moderator suggested trying safe mode over 10 times..... WHAT? you try it... then tell us what the fix is.. otherwise it is a motorola/lenovo issue. We are not stupid. It sounds like this is happening to everyone that owns a G4. One guy even has a phone for his wife and himself. BOTH have the issue. I am glad I found this post because I was thinking about buying a battery thinking that may be the issue. That will NOT happen now. I will go back to my trusty Galaxy G3 until I scrape up the $ for a new phone... and I can assure you that will not be a Motorola.... no chance. You guys want to send me a new G6? that would be great.... I would even pay for part of it. THis is BS and you should be sued. I work in IT, when we are presented a problem with a device, WE troubleshoot it and find a solution. THere is now solution here, Just runaround. If we cannot find a solution, We get rid of the junk and get something better. That what this phone is now. Junk. ITs sad, because i was perfectly happy with it and would have upgraded to the latest when i needed to... Like I said, not now.


anyone gets a class action going, email me @ I will not be back on this forum since I will no longer own this phone.

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Re: Moto G4 Plus it crashes randomly (usually when battery <= 50%) - should we file class action

Yep, a year later and its still happening, worst phone I have ever owned, the HK distributer pulled out of Australia and Motorola don't want to know, and to think the Queensland emergency services rely on this companies support and service to maintain critical emergency services! I wouldn't trust these monkeys with a rubber ball!

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Re: Moto G4 Plus it crashes randomly (usually when battery <= 50%) - should we file class action

Mine crashes randomly, when battery low (eg 79%!) and when it is doing something complicated (like sometimes when someone calls me!)

I've tried all the tips listed - none of them worked, but I am happy to say I now have a 100% guaranteed solution. 

I bought a Samsung. Screw you lenovo. 

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