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Re: Moto G4 Plus keeps randomly shutting down

Hey thanks. I didn't know about this or some of the other features like chop twice to turn the flashlight on.

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Re: Moto G4 Plus keeps randomly shutting down

Completely agree with you. 

However I wonder if a new battery would help?! Anyone tried it already?

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Re: Moto G4 Plus keeps randomly shutting down

Hi all.

I too suffered the random shut down recently, after replacing the battery on my G4 Plus.  I found this forum, wich is supposedly "solved" by Lenovo, but their solution was useless to me.  After looking into several posibilities, I finally solved the problem, and maybe my solution might help others.

The problem I had is similar to what people have described in this forum: sudden shutdowns, several in a day, mostly when the phone is "doing something" like receiving a call, opening the camera, connecting to a WiFi , etc, and it happened despite the battery charge level.

Being an Electronics Engineer myself, I notice this behaviour was consistent with a high impedance connection to the battery, meaning something was making difficult for the current stored in the battery to rush into the phone when required in high quantities.

In my case, since the problem started after replacing the battery, I went after the battery connector, so I clean it up, tight  it up and reconnect it.  The problem got much better, having a shutdown once every two days, so it showed me that I was in the right path for a solution.  Next thing was to cut the original connector from the old battery and replace it on the new battery, and problem solved!  Never had a sudden shut down again.

This problem of high impedance in the battery connector may appear after some time, even without having touched the connector or replaced the battery, just due to natural humidity and dirt.  I think this connector is a weak piece of hardware Lenovo used in this phone, and people is having trouble with it after some time.

So, in my case the cause of the problem was the battery connector, and it probably is your case too.  Try replacing the battery, or the battery connector, or at least cleaning it and see if it improves (although is not a common people task to do, since the battery is not easy replaceable).

Good luck!

What's DOS?
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Re: Moto G4 Plus keeps randomly shutting down

Thanks so much for this. For all the forum threads on this issue, unhappy and angry people getting little to know help from Lenovo, I was ready to pitch my Moto G4 Plus in the trash and say good-bye forever to Motorola. My phone, at just over a year old was getting so it did the random shutdown 5+ times a day and even shuting down in the middle of reboot. Then I stumbled onto your post, and tried it. It worked like a dream. Amazing. Disconnect the battery and reconnect it. That was January '19. Now in August it has started doing it again, so I once more did the disconnect-connect trick and it is bahaving again. (Next time though I will probably just replace the battery. 

You would think Motorola would get a hint from your post and give this solution to all the angry people with G3,4,5 phones with the same problem -- oh, no, I guess they can't do that. That would void the warrenty. I guess their content to just keep all these customers unhappy. Go figure.

Paper Tape
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Re: Moto G4 Plus keeps randomly shutting down

Thanks to the average consumer for all taking the time and effort to come to a final 'solution.' 


I will try the cleaning method. Fingers crossed.

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