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What's DOS?
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Moto G4 Plus keeps randomly shutting down

 I am at Nagpur, India, bought moto G4Plus online.

Facing similar problem of shuts down without any reason, during call, watching you tube video etc. 

Have gone through all reply but real solution reason is not yet clear!!!

What's DOS?
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Re: Moto G4 Plus keeps randomly shutting down

I followed the advice of other people on the forum.  Two days ago I opened my phone and disconnected the battery. I left it disconnected for about 20 minutes before reconnecting it and putting the phone back together. I have used it for almost two days without it shutting down. Before doing this it was shutting down several times each day.  My battery seems to be lasting longer too, but that might just be my imagination. Good luck. I have a Moto g4.

What's DOS?
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Re: Moto G4 Plus keeps randomly shutting down

There is a way to stop these spontaneous shut-downs (at least it worked for me). And it's actually pretty simple:

-Use your phone until the battery reaches 0%.

-As it will have no battery remaining, the device will shut down. When it does, plug it in a charger and let the battery percentage get to 100 and wait a little longer.


The thing is that I don't really know the duration of this fix. I don't know if it will last 2 days, a week, a month, or if it is a permanent solution. It has been more than one entire day since I did this and my phone didn't turn off once.

Even though I don't really know if this fix is permanent, I really hope that it helps anyone that is facing this problem.

What's DOS?
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Re: Moto G4 Plus keeps randomly shutting down

This started happening to me about a year ago after only having the phone for about 9 months. Worked great. Never needed to recharge the battery throughout the entire day. Just plugged it in at night when I would go to bed. Then one day, I used the gps to go to a doc appointment (about a 15 minute trip) and later on while I was in the waiting room playing a game on it; it died. This was a morning appointment so the battery was on a pretty fresh charge. Anyway, I couldn't get the phone to stay on till I got it plugged back in. Long story short, since it seemed the battery was giving false readings and what not, I just ordered a cheap 10 dollar battery off ebay and replaced the old one. This seemed to help the prob. Keep in mind, I don't use my phone too extensively. I am in my 50's and basically do light browesing, watch some quick youtube vids, check email. It is now starting to act up again which is why I am in these forums. So that was about another 9 months I got out of this 10 dollar battery. Maybe I'll buy a 20 or 30 dollar one this time. 


What's DOS?
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Re: Moto G4 Plus keeps randomly shutting down

unbelievable the lack of service and the arrogance from Lenovo. It makes me wish they go bankrupt.

However I did love my Moto 4g and was distraught that it kept shutting down whenever I play music of video.
I also removed the battery and cleaned the contacts and it has been great now for a day, which is not a long period, but I was afraid that if I wait too long, I will forget to post. I love my phone again.

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