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What's DOS?
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Re: Moto G4 Plus keeps randomly shutting down



I have the same problem and it's very annoying and frustrating cause you just can't help it. And worse, I have advanced problem, It shuts down even when it's connected to charging.


Any help will be apprecited...



Paper Tape
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Re: Moto G4 Plus keeps randomly shutting down

I also have the same problem , mobile frequently switched off when battery % goes below 50%. Whatever you told to callibrate the battery , i did but I am facing same problem after calibration. It has manufacturing defect and i have very disappointed to purchase this phone. I am using MOTO G3 since 4 years but still I am not facing any problem. By taking reference of moto g3 I bought moto g4 plus but now i don't have any faith on moto phone. It is notonly my problem but so many people have registered same problem but still problem is not being resolved. I think because of LENOVO moto loose the confidence of customer.

What's DOS?
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Re: Moto G4 Plus keeps randomly shutting down

I too am having the same issue - only started about a week ago. Can happen over a range of tasks, from reciveing a phone call, sms or other notification, to opening various apps or tools. This issue seems to happen at any battery level and I have calibrated the battery - the only advice Lenovo seem to be able to offer. For good measure I have also had my batter tested and it is A1. 


There are multiple trheads over multiple forums about this issue - it seem as though Lenovo are sitting on their hands. 

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Moto G4 Plus keeps randomly shutting down

My Moto g4 plus doesn't work shut down randamly...and take a while time to open....and also wifi and hotspot not turn can i solve this problem....

What's DOS?
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Re: Moto G4 Plus keeps randomly shutting down

I bought this phone for my mom and she is having this exact same issue. It happens randomly but also we noticed it happens a lot when she is receiving a phone call. There must be a fix for this issue! 

Punch Card
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Re: Moto G4 Plus keeps randomly shutting down

I found some evidence that this issue might be audio related.


I've had this problem when listening to whatsapp audios, on phone calls, when watching videos or when trying to record some videos.

I didn't connect the dots before, but all of the times the device shut down, I was either on a noisy place trying to record a video, or receiving/listening to noisy audios or videos.


Today, my phone shut down twice on a Facebook video at the same moment. Just out of curiosity, I lowered the device volume, and voila, it didn't shut down. Set the volume up again, and it instantly shut down upon playing.

Edit: it seems to happen when not charging only, as if the battery doesn't have enough current to power that kind of sound or something along those lines. 


So it's probably an audio driver or speaker issue. Hope that helps.

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Re: Moto G4 Plus keeps randomly shutting down

I don't know if this is it or not, as I can't even use mine anymore.  I REALLY hope that they check into it though and either fix the known issue, or replace our phones with a model that's comparable and actually works!  I am trying to think back, and you might be onto does seem like there was always something to do with sound involved in some way.  Not necessarily loud sound, but something audible.  At least it's a new venue for them to check on... provided they even care.  

Paper Tape
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Re: Moto G4 Plus keeps randomly shutting down

It is happening to me too. The problem has always existed right from the beginning of me starting to use the phone, along with the screen burn in issue. The shutting down has become more frequent from two days. 


Here are the times when it is usually happening as of now:


  • When I receive a phone call, immediately after the ringtone goes off
  • When I receive a notification, immediately after the notification sound goes off
  • When battery percentage drops from 16 to 15
  • When the battery percentage drops from 6 to 5


It hasn't happened to me in the camera app, as some of the users are experiencing. Although I have to point out that using the camera for more than 5 min heats up the battery very much and the interface becomes literally unusable. 


The issue is really frustraing as you miss some important calls above everything. The burn in also exists. 


Kudos to Motorola for rolling out security updates regularly to the Moto G4+. Expecting an Android Oreo update as promised. 


I would love to know what can be done, as this is a great phone.


Thank You

Paper Tape
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Re: Moto G4 Plus keeps randomly shutting down

My phone also has exactly the same problem. I tried calibrating battery twice but no use. Phone can shut down anytime on doing anything. But most of the times I observed it while using camera. It also occured while not using camera and also did not occur while using camera. However, the issue did not happen when the phone is plugged in for charging. Also, I found this happenning when the charge on battery is less than 50%. I also have an SD card installed properly.


Dear Motorola, I have used Moto G, Moto G2 and now Moto G4+. But with this issue, I am losing confidence on Motorola. Planning to switch to other brand if this issue is not resolved urgently.

Paper Tape
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Re: Moto G4 Plus keeps randomly shutting down

My G4 Plus (which I've owned from new purchase) also started doing the same thing 3 weeks ago.  It's now getting more and more frequent.  The phone will simply shut down/go dead intermittently.  Sometimes when receiving a call or a test message, sometimes when attempting to take a photo, sometimes when using an app such as Google Maps.  Sometimes when it happens, I hear an audible "click" inside the phone as it shuts off.   I can turn it back on again, but it will do it again later, sometimes several times a day.

I've already recalibrated the battery, cleared the system cache, and performed a factory reset, but the problem persists.   Any further news from Lenovo on this issue?  I purchased an extended warranty on the phone, which is now 18 months old, but from what I've read in various forums, this issue is affecting many, if not all of the G4 Plus phones, and I'm not sure a replacement will solve the issue....

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