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Moto G4 photo quality versus G3


I watched the video again of the official launch of the G4 .

The presentation by Allison Li offers some hope to G3 owners who are dissapointed with jpeg photos straight out of the phone. Shame as the G3 is an excellent shooter, HDR works just great adding lots of depth to landscape shots..but the G3 is sadly let down by cold drab colours / poor in device processing.

All is not lost as a quick edit in Lightroom tidys things up nicely by just warming photos up and adding some saturation and the slightest tweak to clarity and all is well ..but it really shouldnt be this hard.

Allison mentions photo image processing improvements for the G4 family at around 3.40 into the Moto Launch Event video.Smiley Happy


@MattForumsMngr kindly confirmed that the new G4 has a mineral glass lens cover, Thanks Matt..Smiley Wink thats one box ticked.

Please moto.. I would like to see a side by side G3 V G4 photo comparison of the same subject.

This would be a major checkbox ticked for me if the image processing is fixed and having the added bonus of a 1080p slab to look at your snaps on would perhaps convince me to upgrade.

Dont suppose there is any chance of a firmware fix for image processing white balance/saturation on the G3 ?



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