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Moto G4 plus wifi wont turn on

Hey everyone, i just want to say thqanks for letting me be apart of the community, here is my problem my wifi will not turn on!! i have some screenshots of whats its doing but first let me give you a bit of background info. 

so i have 2 moto g4 plus's, my first (which was android 7)one the usb charging port went on it as well as it was stuck in head jack mode and i had to main speaker volume. so i got me another g4 plus(this one has andr5oid 8.0.1), and re recently i was wiorking the the screen from the new one got royally smashed up, so here is what i did. i took the mother board from the new g4 plus and put it into the old g4 plus. after turning the phone on everything worked as it should, wifi bluetooth everything  except i forgot about the headphone jack problem, so i replaced it with the jack from the new phone left over parts with the one that i put the mother board into, once i did thqat my wifi would not turn on at all, when i try to slide the wifi slidwer to thre on position it says on but one i hit back and go back tio the wifi setting it shows it back too off, i do not have a sim chiop but fior some reason mobile network is set t6o on and grayed out? 

i have tried resetting the network , resetting the phone, i did a factory data reset, and nothing fixed the wifi issue , i even tried doing a softwear up date using levono moto smart assisstant and still nothing

few things i was wondering 

where is the wifi attenna located in the g4 plus modle 

and i saw a post ion herre about rooting the phone can fix the problem but i cant seem to find the post anymore.

does anyone have any ideas or suggestions reguarding my issue 

thanks CurtisScreenshot_20190130-185733.png













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