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Moto G4 shutdown on camera and low battery (solved)

My Moto G4 was 1.5-2 years old and when battery was around 30-40% or lower, starting the camera / video and trying to take a picture would shut down the phone. The phone also seemed to drain faster than expected, especially at lower %s.


I've tried many things, but what helped is replacing the battery (can be done by a shop or yourself it you're technical), and it doesn't cost much!

After replacing the battery the phone works great again! Camera works, phone battery lasts longer, so if you're struggling in a similar way I propose considering the battery replacement.


I have no idea why the battery gets so bad after only 1-2 years of use, though.

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Re: Moto G4 shutdown on camera and low battery (solved)

Thanks for posting Smiley Happy


It can be a lottery with batteries.I had one die after a year.I've got an old Samsung Galaxy ACE here that's around 7 years old still with a good original battery!! Smiley Surprised


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