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Moto G4 turns itself off

Right, first things first, Your site is absolutely ridiculous. Finding out how to post a new question is the tech equivilent of Columbus finding North America. A complete accident.


I have a MotoG4 and it has the following issues

  • Sometimes when trying to unlock it starts rapidly zooming in and out and I have to hit the power button again and again until I can input the code without it zooming
  • Sometimes I cant input a 1 when trying to unlock the phone
  • Sometimes it turns itself off and the power button will not work at all, yet if you plug it in to a power source it will turn itself on automatically without the need to press the power button. (now it will sit on the start up blue screen without going any further unless I press the power button).

Please dont just tell me that I need to buy a new phone, the life span of these devices is already bordering on criminal.


Also, pay someone competant to design this website. If anything I made at work performed this badly it would be scrapped and thrown out and I would get the sack immediately. The proof is in the comments about how many people, reasonably smart seeming people were unable to navigate this thing.

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