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Fanfold Paper
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Moto G4

I have G3  and was looking foraward to getting a G4 thinking the upgrade would faster SD 6 series, 1080 screen but no.


I'm one of those that do not like want a phone with a screen larger than 5 inch, I thought that there was a **bleep** of hope with the G4 play (though the 8m camera replaces 13M) but will not be available in Europe. Overall it's a drop in spec from the G3.


So looks like after having a Moto's for over 5 years I'll move on to a Sony Xperia X performance

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Re: Moto G4



I guess my wife and I will have to resign ourselves to looking elsewhere than "Motorola" for our next phones Smiley Sad


The 3rd generation Moto G was already at the upper limit of an acceptably-sized phone, for us.  Now another half an inch?  Nope.  Not interested in phablets.  Not at all.


I almost pulled the trigger on a 3rd generation Moto G, until I found it lacked LTE Band 12 support.  Now, even if they add it to the G4: I won't be buying.


Too bad.  The real Motorola designed a winning phone that was universally loved for its size, price point and performance.  I don't know where Lenovo thinks it's going with this phone, but it isn't in any direction in which I'm interested.




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