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What's DOS?
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Moto g4 plus crashing abruptly



My Moto G4 Plus crashes abruptly specially when any phone rings (6 calls out of 10) or data/wi-fi is on. When I start phone again I see battery got drained more than 50%. 


Blue Screen Again
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Re: Moto g4 plus crashing abruptly

I have got same crash problem generally with battery drainage,  it happens generally in low level battery i.e <40%.

Have tried basic troubleshooting.



What's DOS?
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Re: Moto g4 plus crashing abruptly

I think I am having the same issue. 

It seems almost random so far though. 

Happened on the YouTube app twice and Netflix once, but also once or twice just while texting or Google searching. 

Each time it happens it just suddenly goes black and is off. When I reboot it will have lost some amount of battery, for instance, I went from 55% to 21% in a matter of minutes. 

What's DOS?
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Re: Moto g4 plus crashing abruptly

I am having the same issue with my moto G4 plus. The phone just crashes at random. I have tried everything! I reset the phone first backing everything up. Problem persisted. I once again factory reset the device erasing everything entirely like the day it came out of the box. I tried booting into safe mode as well. I have always used Nova Launcher... This time I refrained from installing Nova Launcher or any third-party apps and left the phone stock aside from signing into my account. Phone still crashes! The problem is getting worse as well. First the phone would crash maybe once a day, when battery was below 50% and mostly due to video playback. Now the phone crashes a minimum of 5x a day regardless of battery percentage! This morning I had 90% battery. Wife called and phone crashes! After reboot, phone was below 50% battery!... She attempted to call again and once again phone crashes! This is absolutely the most frustrating thing I have every dealt with and come to find out I am not alone on the issue! 


To make matters worse. I called customer service and was told that my device was still under warranty thus I was able to have the phone repaired or replaced at no cost. I was informed I would be receiving an email with instructions on what to do. This email was never received! I checked everywhere including the spam folder. No email! What kind of customer service is this? 


In fact! I feel I deserve a different model of equal or greater value! After reading that this issue is affecting many others... Not just on this forum but many other forums are filled with Moto G4 and G4 plus owners with the same exact issue. This phone is obviously poorly made! 


As an Android developer, I tried everything I could to locate a software issue and send a bug report but this looks to me like a hardware issue! 


Not a single attempt from Motorola/Lenovo to solve this issue! Nothing at all!!! I want my money back! Something needs to be done about this! 


Sincerely, A very angry customer! 


P.S. The phone does not crash when plugged in! Only when unplugged! 


Attached is a screenshot of the battery percentage and how it goes from a gradual decline to an abrupt crash! This should prove this issue involves the battery. 



Punch Card
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Re: Moto g4 plus crashing abruptly

This phone is garbage. Constant crashes even over 70%.  Was 92% 2 minutes ago. Crashes and now it's 79%. 


What a joke. 


Factory reset made things worse and erased all my data on my SD even though I was told it wouldn't by customer service. Good thing I backed it up anyway. 


I've tried to get a replacement, even gave a credit card # and was told payment of $225 went through. ($200 of which should be refunded once old phone is received) 


Here we are a week later and no phone, no account activity. I called and they denied receiving any kind of replacement order. I asked them to send me an email linking me to handling this process online so i have documentation of this process. No email, of course. 


Lenovo is ruining Motorola's name in such a short time. It's appalling. Ya, it's a low/mid range phone, but if you can't manufacture a phone that lasts more than 6 months, you need to just quit!



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