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Punch Card
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Re: Moto g4 with no sound

the Google login sounds like a strange excuse, if it's been factory reset they could just skip the login and then test

Punch Card
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Re: Moto g4 with no sound

and they should obviosuly let it sit after a reboot powered up for a while and retest as in most cases it seems to be ok for random amounts of time before quitting again

Punch Card
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Re: Moto g4 with no sound

dear moto tech; suggested inital test steps for root cause analysis:


1) reboot phone

2) goto sound settings and see if changing the levels causes output or not via speaker

3) if yes, quarantine the phone while powered up for let's say 30 minutes

4) retest

5) record data and analyse

6) fix our phones

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Moto g4 with no sound

I'm having the same problem here as well. Tried all of the suggested fixes and I still get no audio most of the time through the speaker. I've never heard of a phone that has such widespread problems out of the box.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Moto g4 with no sound

I have a Moto G Play 4th Gen Standard Version (no Amazon ad version). 


Mine too has lost all speaker sound for no apparent reason.  

I've tried:

-Turning it off and back on.

-Turning it off, removing battery, draining the remaining power, then reinstalling the battery and starting the phone.

-Clearing all cached data

-Performing complete Factory Data Reset.

None of these actions restored sound to the speaker.


The phone has hardly been used and has never been activated with a phone carrier.  I use it as wifi only.  I believe the problem started as a result of an automatic update.  Please provide a solution.


Thank you



Blue Screen Again
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Re: Moto g4 with no sound


I've got the Same issue....

No Sound whatso ever i've tried al support opptions.

Now the part that annoys me the most is that you guys Keep saying we need to reset our phones. Please stop saying it because it doesn't fix any of it. Just try to fix our  phones and be quick cause this is taking way to Long and I still don't Have Sound

Please Just fix our phones and this is a System error 


Please fix our phones. !!!!


<edited for profanity>

What's DOS?
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Re: Moto g4 with no sound

I had same issue, I have try evrything but none is worked for me.


Finally I started troubleshot my self and it worked like charm.


Model: Moto g 4th plus

Android version: 7.0


Solution: just need to force stop and disable 'Audio Effects' apps




Paper Tape
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Re: Moto g4 with no sound

Same problem on my phone bought directly from Lenovo.

Problems started last week with voice calls going through but no sound on either end. But sound came back after a reboot.

Then I started having problems playing videos. Any video actually: YouTube sends back an error, and local videos on my SD card won't play on any app.

Then yesterday, no sound whatsoever, from speakers or headphones.

Safe mode reboot doesn't change anything.

Backed everything up.

Wiped the phone cache: I started getting sound from headphones only, but this went down again after a few minutes.

Performed a factory reset. Even before installing anything,  it's clear there is no sound.

I find it strange too that the boot sequence no longer goes through the "hello moto" animation, straight from blue screen to unlock.

Since I bought my unit at release here in Europe, warranty's just expired, and I'm not too happy with the situation, especially after reading through this thread.

I'll try getting in touch with customer service but I don't have a lot of hope.

Paper Tape
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Re: Moto g4 with no sound

low notification sounds is still an issue for me 

Moto . what the FFF???????


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Moto g4 with no sound

Just dropped mine to assistance. It is on the way to the local (Italian) service. Let's see.....

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