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What's DOS?
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Re: Moto g4 with no sound



My Moto G4 has Android 7.0 and went completely mute. 


No sound when ringing, playing media and on calls. No notifications, no keyboard sounds, nothing.


Tried everything to fix, nothing works. 


Very disappointed with this situation. Any tips?

Paper Tape
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Re: Moto g4 with no sound

see my previous post (just 2 posts back): start someting that plays music or other sounds, then press on the housing above and around the back camera and see if you get intermittent sound. If you do I posted the fix.

Paper Tape
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Re: Moto g4 with no sound

Solution: Don't buy another POS moto phone. 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Moto g4 with no sound

Subham716, this post is almost two years old and almost 30 pages long.  Its not even the only post about this issue nor is it the only post with other defects making this phone unusable. Lenovo is clearly aware that the product is defective and they have not offerred a fix much less even a response. The closest things to fixes people have suggested are to hit or squeeze the phone to temporiarily make the sound work again.  That really is not a fix. If you research Lenovo you will see that this is the type of thing that happens with way too many of their products and there is never any official response and certainly no attempt to fix it. Levono is a horrible and unethical company and if you want a working phone then you just need to give up on your Moto and use something else. This is just my opinion but you've got years worth of other posts on this site to confirm that I'm in good company with that opinion.


Friends do not let friends buy Lenovo products.

Paper Tape
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Re: Moto g4 with no sound Success??

Very simple but it's not only a hardware fault. Many of these issues, especially the one resulting in only having the occasional hello Moto sound and then stopping, is a software fault. This is proven by installation of a custom ROM.

The phone is easy to root and load lineage OS which works fine, unless you need banking apps.


I've been much happier with my Huawei phone's!

Paper Tape
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Re: Moto g4 with no sound

Is there a solution for this.. I have seen zero solutions so far. Anyone there?

Mine works sometimes and not works most of the time. I always carry my headphones.

Motorola  do you have any idea of providing a solution for this. I am sick of this issue.


My solution : No more lenovo products

Paper Tape
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Re: Moto g4 with no sound

Go through the steps to unlock the bootloader and flash LineageOS tonite. It will work perfectly. The main downside is banking apps and some games won't work. All common apps will be fine and the OS works excellent.  It's a good solution if it will be some time before you upgrade.  Don't be worried or frightened about peformiperthe steps to root your phone. It's straight forward and easy.  

Paper Tape
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All sound suddenly stopped working Moto G4?

Hello Motorola Team Expert,


     I have a motorola G4 plus phone 2 year old. and every thing is perfact working but last 4 days My phone hase a suddenly stopped All Audio sound. What happend i don't know so i have a [Removed] off the phone and start againg so my all sound working for only 5 to 10 min then suddenlly all sound is dead. 


   So i read the forum and i have done Factory data reset without any app installation but the problem is same  no audio in my phone. but restart means run in safe mode or switch off that time working for only 5 to 10 min and then sound gone.


Please help me to resolve the problem.

Paper Tape
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Re: Moto g4 with no sound

Same issue with my moto g4 plus only Bluetooth audio works please.please help me amd solve my.problm

What's DOS?
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Re: Moto g4 with no sound

Dear USspec,


I had the same issues on my Moto G4 plus as talked about on this thread.

I ended up by completely reinstalling with success the Lineage OS on it.

At first and after a couple of hours of hard work (because this is something you usually don't do every day), i was happy to succees with that (even the Google apps for Arm devices, tec... :-))


BUT.... no sound again.


To be very clear on the issue: intermittently the sound goes away and comes back (periods of time during the day)..; Ofcourse 'Murphy's law' is applied here.
So this can lead to two conclusions of rootcause of error of which eather can be right excluding the other or co-existing with the other:

1) "It's software" cause the behaviour is intermittent

2) "It must be hardware" cause even after installing a completely new OS distro (Lineage - Athena) did not resolve the issue


And just why this issue seems to be soooooo **bleep** hard to address in it's core.


But we all can agree to is that the silence of 'Lenovo Motorola" as a company is compelling. There lack of professional support AND effort on this clearly substantional issue more than disappointing. We're merely cattle in the herd, a percentage of marginal values in there Gauss curve... You see?
And one might say "yeah right, look you got what you paid for, which includes the risks of being somewhere on the bad side of statistics".. But I wonder, isn't taht just the core problem of our consumer model in this world? No sustainability, durability, consumers are cattle...


kind regards,